• compressed air saving ergonomic blow gun with air amplifying nozzles

    Air Blow Off Products

    Compressed air a most expensive utility in industry. Saving it leads to huge cost saving. Conventional products are unsafe, noisy and wasteful. Replace them with our ergonomic, air amplifying and cost saving blow guns and nozzles.

  • vortex tube and cabinet coolers

    Vortex Tubes & Cabinet Cooler

    Vortex tubes are compact coolers which gives instantanous cold and hot air stream. Used where conventional refrigeration systems are not useful. Electric cabinet coolers working on same principle are very reliable coolers.

  • cable wiper and air knife

    Wiping, Cleaning Systems

    Cable wipers provides effective solution for wiping of water on electric cable and tube extrusion plants. Available in various sizes. Air knives are air amplifying linear blow off devices used for cooling or cleaning of flat surfaces.

  • air and electrical hopper loader

    Hopper Loaders & Conveyors

    Single phase and three phase hopper loaders for plastic granules. We offer reliable, cost effective and very low maintenance systems. Available in sizes from 200 Kgs per hour to 5000 Kgs per hours. Custom solutions for conveying also offered.

  • inlet valves for home appliances

    For Home Appliances

    Wide range of valve with single inlet and single outlet. Excellent quality at highly competative price. Used in Domestic RO, Washing Machines, Dish washers etc.

  • 25, 50 and 75 mm plastic solenoid valve

    For Irrigation System

    25 mm (1"), 50 mm (2") and 75 mm (3") plastic solenoid valves for irrigation and water solenoid valves for industrial applications.

  • bistable, latching solenoid valve

    Latching Solenoid Valves

    1/2" to 2" size in magnetically latching solenoid valves for auto taps & faucets and cistern flushing system. Also used in irrigation systems, pot watering etc.

  • low pressure direct acting solenoid valves

    Low Pressure Valves

    Low pressure ( 0 - 600 mm WC) solenoid valves for cold water dispensing. Wet armature type. Used for dispensing water and suitable liquids.

  • normally open low cost solenoid valves

    Normally Open Valves

    Normally open valves in plastic constructions. Low cost, reliable and very long life. Used for water cotrol.