General Imsubs Pvt. Ltd. is a company promoted by young dynamic, qualified entrepreneurs in the year of 1992. With the objective to make various industrial products covering wide area of application. After thorough market research company decided to manufacture water solenoid valves used in home appliances. General Imsubs belongs to a family owned professional group having diverse activities like manufacturing of various textile machinery spares, PTFE coatings and FEP/PFA lined products, powder coating etc.

General Imsubs is a privately owned company limited by shares. Products manufactured by General Imsubs: General Imsubs manufactures Water solenoid valves and its main focus area is OE users. During the year of 1995, looking at changing scenario of globalization, General Imsubs identified need of cost saving products. After survey, it reached to conclusion that Compressed air, being most expensive utility in industrial premises, there is a huge potential exists if products which save compressed air is supplied. After about a year of research, General Imsubs introduced various compressed air operated multi utility products like vacuum guns, air saving blow guns and blow nozzles, industrial vacuum cleaners, small conveying tools etc.

General Imsubs as a manufacturer:
General Imsubs is predominantly manufacturer with vendor based operation and in-house assembly and testing facilities. Methodology to manufacture is to identify products needed by industry, spend and invest in to R&D to make suitable product as required by Indian industry, make designs, develop specifications, identifying and sourcing right raw materials, making molds, tools, jigs and fixtures etc., train vendors with active participation to get right output.

Role of General Imsubs is to assemble various parts and components procured from Vendors and suppliers, quality control and assurance of incoming stores and finished products. Over a period of time, General Imsubs has dedicated team of vendors and suppliers to cater to its various demanding needs. While developing any product, it is a practice to follow international safety norms, product standards so as to make product suitable for global markets also. Infrastructure: General Imsubs is situated in a prime industrial area of Vatva in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is economic capital of the state of Gujarat, which is second largest industrialized state in India. Gujarat is famous for its industrial peace and quality infrastructure.

Vatva is one of the largest industrial township in Gujarat. Manufacturing plant of General Imsubs is located in owned land admeasuring about 30000 sq. ft. with adequate power and water facilities.

Human resources: Being a vendor based company, General Imsubs’ requirement of manpower is very limited. At present General Imsubs employs 3 highly experienced engineers(Average experience 8 years, prior to joining General Imsubs) to look after Quality control, Production and General Engineering. 1 accountant (12 years experience) and 6 skilled workers. Directors of General Imsubs are qualified to look after technical development, mold development and designing etc. Employees are sent to various seminars and workshops of quality systems, personality development, computer literacy etc. regularly.

Ancillary support: General Imsubs has more than 50 dedicated vendors to supply various plastic, rubber, pressed parts, electromechanical components, plastic raw materials etc.

In-house Facilities: General Imsubs has indigenously developed testing and quality control set up for valves and compressed air saving products. Investments: General Imsubs has invested about INR 10.00 million in land, building, manufacturing, testing and molds set up. Manufacturing facilities: Following manufacturing facilities are available at General Imsubs.

CNC coil winding machine (199 program, 6 station total, 0.03 mm to 0.30 mm wire winding).
Ultrasonic welding machine (2000 W, 20 kHz, Telsonics, Swiss made)
Basic machine shop facility like lathe, drills, bench grinders etc.
Vacuum impregnation system.
Baking oven for impregnation.
Pneumatic and mechanical Jigs and fixtures for assembling of various parts.
Testing and QC facilities: General Imsubs has following testing and QC facilities available in house for solenoid valves.
Rubber tensile tester.
Rubber hardness tester.
Salt spray chamber.
Hot water bath.
Spring endurance tester.
Diaphragm endurance tester.
Vibration tester
Electric oven and hot chambers
HV break down tester
Micro ohm meter.
Insulation resistance tester, multimeters etc.
4 station test bench having built in flow meters, pressure gage, high pressure pump, burst pressure tester, current meter, variable voltage, water temperature controller.
Low pressure leakage tester.
Measuring instruments like Digital vernier, micro meter screw gages, micrometer depth gage, small hole gage (Measures hole size from 0.10 mm to 2 mm, least count 0.01 mm), height gage, surface plate, optical measuring instruments.

Apart from in-house expertise, General Imsubs also utilizes services of premier institutes of India like Central Institute of Plastic Technology, ITA lab, Gujarat, Energy research and development institute, L.D. college of engineering for testing and identification of materials, performance tests etc

Quality systems:
General Imsubs has adopted quality system based on ISO 9002, with full traceability. At present General Imsubs is not intend to obtain ISO 9000, however it is in their future plans.

Marketing strategy:
General Imsubs regularly participate in industrial exhibitions in India. To educate customers General Imsubs also conducts seminars and co sponsors seminars to promote Compressed air saving products. This range of product is distributed by marketing associates in India and is in process of initializing appointment of international distributor.

Strength of the company:
Strength of the company lies in new product development, dedicated team of qualified personnel, quality conscious vendors and supplier base, understanding to the needs of customers.