• vortex tube for spot cooling. instant cooling using compressed air

    Vortex Tubes

    The Vortex Tube is an effective, low cost solution to a wide variety of industrial spot cooling and process cooling needs. Compressed air is injected into the vortex tube, flows at a rate of up to 1,000,000 RPM towards the 'hot' end of the tube.

  • cabinet cooler, cool control panel using compressed air

    Panel / Cabinet Cooler

    Based on vortex tube as a prime source of cooling, cabinet / panel coolers are used for panel cooling and enclosure cooling.

    Panel coolers are supplied with thermostatic control, and meets NEMA 12, 4 and 4X requirements.

  • spot cooling gun use vortex tube, magnetic base, machine mountable cold air gun for dry machining

    Spot Cooling Cold Air Guns

    Cold air guns are ideal solution for spot cooling and dry machining. Cold air guns are supplied with magnetic base and it is muffled to make it silent.

    Cold air gun - depending on application can replace coolent mist spray system on many occasions.