• air uperated cable wiper, tube wiper and drier

    Real Wipe Wipers

    Circular Real Wipe wipers are ideal solutions for drying and blow cleaning cables, tubes and extrusions. Real Wipe wipers are easy to install, compact, occupies zero floor space and quick to change.
    Available in various size and in aluminum contruction.

  • air knife and air knives

    Linear Air Amplifier

    Linear Air amplifiers are also known as Air Knife.
    These linear air amplifiers has amplification ratio of upto 25 and far more quiter then open ended pipes.
    Available in Auminum and Stainless steel.
    Available length upto 300 mm.

  • air saving, portable vacuum cleaner and blow gun

    Vac Blow Gun

    Vac Blow gun is unique, versatile, reversible vacuum cum blow gun.
    When used as Vacuum gun it can be used to vacuum clean machines, small area and difficult to access crevices and corners.
    Using as blow gun saves huge amount of compressed air.

  • deep blind hole cleaner

    Vac Blow DHC

    Deep hole cleaning device for cleaning of chips or any material from stubborn deep, blind holes. A special compressed air purging attachment gives a powerful blow of compressed air at the press of trigger. Resulting loosening of particles and it is sucked by simultaneous suction

  • compressed air operated vacuum cleaner

    Real Vac

    Real Vac is a versatile multipurpose wet & dry material collection system cum vacuum cleaning system, powered by compressed air. It is capable of collecting virtually anything from powders to granules to liquids. It can be used as an Industrial wet & dry vacuum cleaner.