deep blind hole cleaning gun with chip collection bag

A Sure shot solution for Deep hole cleaning of chips or any material from stubborn deep, blind holes. A compressed air purging attachment gives a powerful blow of compressed air at the press of trigger. Resulting loosening of particles and it is sucked by simultaneous suction.

Vac Blow dhc, cleans holes of ranging diameter of 6 mm upto 30 mm and depth of 300 mm.

Vac Blow dhc, is supplied with oil resistant, high efficiency, washable dust collection bag, built in compressed air purging device, hose nipple and hose clamps.

Performance of Vac Blow dhc
Inlet Kg/Cm2  Air Consumption (CFM)  Vacuum mm. Hg.  Total Flow CFM
2.0 11 27 75
4.0 15 49 105
5.5 20 70 140
7.0 23 87 160
  How it Works?
  Vac Blow dhc, is a powerful deep hole cleaning gun. When trigger is pressed, high pressure-high velocity compressed air is blown from air purging tube, causing chips or debris to fly within the hole. Flying chips are sucked by suction tube and collected in washable dust collection bag.
Cleaning of deep blind holes.
CNC drilling, milling shops.
Automobile engine shops.


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