Compressed Air cost, how to calculate

  Compressed air saving is very important as cost of compressed air is maximum when compared with any other utilities. Considerable amount of compressed air can be saved if GIPL AIR SAVING PRODUCTS ARE USED

Download compressed air saving calcuations work sheet in excel format click on icon below:

compressed air sving worksheet

You can fill up your data and see how much comprssed air cost saving is possible.

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1. Compressed user must keep in mind that compressed air cost very high.

2. Prevent air leakage for economy.

3. Never blow from open pipes or conventional cheap blow guns, it is expensive and unsafe to operator. International safety norms does not permit blowing of air from such devices. And if you wish to obtain ISO 14000 than it is must.

4. Always use GIPL compressed air amplifying products to remain competitive.

5. For technical assistance contact general Imsubs or their business partners.

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