compressed air operated barrel filling and empty pump

What is a RAPFLO?

Rapflo is compressed air operated barrel filling and emptying system. It is suitable for steel drums and non volatile liquids. No spark or motor hence almost zero maintenance.

Safety, as no electricity at the point of application.
No RF interference.
Low cost of ownership
Lower noise.
SS 304 construction.
Enhances reliability and durability of equipment
Empty or fill barrel in 2-3 minutes.
Does not use long unsafe mains wires. Power source is safe compressed air.
Collection of spill oil.
Emptying of hydraulic oils from machine / coolant / machine sumps.
Emptying diesel to gensets. (Volatile liquids can not be filled back into the barrel)
Wet and Dry, huge capacity vacuum cleaner when used with suitable accessoris and cannister.
Liquid filling in hazardous area.


Barrel Emptying System for Plastic Barrel


plastic barrel empty system with built in safety valve



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