custom designed solenoid valves for specific customers

Many of our customers ordered for custom designed water valves for their appliances. You may have some of following questions. Please read on.

Custom Made Solenoid Valves FAQ Answers:

  • Why do I need custom made water solenoid valves? Custom made solenoid valves are value addition to your own product and it gives you an edge in terms of cost of spares, your customers are assured of quality of spares, thereby trouble free running of your equipments. Also having custom designed valve means lower tooling and engineering cost of your product because it is the valve you designed for your application. We also offer rapid prototyping services to our customer as per his specific design requirement. With this service customer saves money on tooling to and he can choose best possible design package for their application.
  • I believe I can't afford development cost of custom designed valves. We are specialized in making custom made water valves and because we make molds and tooling ourselves, our development cost is usually very less. Typically development and tooling cost varies between US $ 7500.00 to US $ 25000.00, perhaps a fraction of total engineering cost you may have spent. We always try to keep developmental cost minimum by using as many common parts as possible.
  • Even if I can afford development cost, they must be very expensive. No, we produce water valves in batches and for custom designed water valves, we expect minimum order of 1000 valves at once. Usually based on features of the valve ,custom made valve cost may increases by 10 to 15% over our standard range.
  • How long does it takes to develop custom designed water valve? Based on intricacy of design you suggested or specifications you laid, it usually takes 8 to 20 weeks. If your demand is such where we can use internal parts from our standard product, than development time is never more than 10 weeks.
  • But my requirement is only few thousand valves a month are they still affordable? Yes, absolutely, as mentioned before, we produce valves in lots. Our manufacturing systems are flexible enough to produce small lot of even 1000 valves economically.
  • What if my requirement is one time? Does not matter whether your requirement is one time or recurring, if you have one time requirement, than upon fulfilling your one time requirement, we may add that particular model to our standard range of product, of course with your consent.
  • Do you sell valves exclusively designed for me to other people? Absolutely NO, till you remain our customer. Even if you cease to buy valves from us, we will never sell valve made from the tooling you paid for to any one, unless you give us written permission or after 3 years of your last purchase. Valve shown on these page are specially made for our customers and will not be sold to any one, irrespective of amount of money they pay.