core shooting / die cleaning gun. Made from tough engineering plastic

Die Cleaning and Core shooting gun: Die cleaning and core shooting guns are designed and developed keeping investment casting, shell - core casting and other new technology foundries. We provide various length of nozzles as per customer requirement.

Our market survey shows that foundries saves lots of money over replacement of guns and also due to reduction in leakage of compressed air. Just like any other air amplifying blow guns, our this conventional gun also has very low payback period.

Compressed air  is the most  expensive utility in an industry, to l earn more about the cost of  compressed air and  how GIPL products  can help you  to save cost, click here.

We also offer Ergonomic Blow Gun, PSH-7 which can be fitted with High thrust nozzle, Adjustable blow nozzle, high volume - high penetration blow pipes.

If your work area require very wide and high volume blow, eX blow gun is best choice.

Die Cleaning Gun with 500 mm L nozzle

Die cleaning gun with 500 mm extension nozzle, used to clean casting dies